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Horse Whispers in the Air, Horsefeathers Series #3

Customer Questions & Answers for
Horse Whispers in the Air, Horsefeathers Series #3

Grandad Coop couldn't have picked a better time to wander off--3:10 A.M. on the morning school starts. Ninth grade seems a million miles away as Scoop rides through the dark looking for him. He is growing more difficult every day. It's not his fault; it's just the Alzheimer's disease. But she couldn't think about that now. A new horse was comming to Horsefeathers later that day. Scoop needs to be ready to greet this problem mare. A paying boarder is important to the existence of Horsefeaters Stable. As Scoop struggles to understand the the new mare, Grandad sinks deeper into his illness. Dealing with Grandad and the horses seems almost too much for Scoop, but in the midst of everyting, she learns some important lessons about God. With a powerful and touching ending, Scoop finally understands more about her grandfather than she ever did. Recommended for ages 12 to 16.
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