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In the series "God's Design for Sex", how is the topic of homosexuality treated?
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In the series "God's Design for Sex", how is the topic of homosexuality treated?

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Basic Books Boys Adrift

There has been a 100 percent increase in the last twenty years of young men ages 22-34 still living at home. In Boys Adrift, Leonard Sax draws on the very latest research and his vast experience with boys and their families to argue that a combination of social and biological factors is creating an environment that is literally toxic to boys.

Misguided overemphasis on reading and math as early as kindergarten, too much time spent playing video games, over-reliance on medication for attention deficit disorders (much more common in boys than in girls), and overlooked endocrine disturbances are actually causing damage to boys' brains.

Dr. Sax offers a wide range of ways parents can wean their sons away from video games, practical steps they can take to improve their sons' schooling, and surprisingly simple life changes they can make to protect boys from environmental estrogens that undermine boys' motivation.

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