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Recent Question:
Is Latina Christiania meant to follow Prima Latina?
Recent Question:
Is this a supplement for a program? Is there a book and cd set?
Recent Question:
What resources are needed to go with the Latin in the Christian Trivium vol. 1 teacher's guide and wordbook f
Questions with Most Recent Answers
Is Latina Christiania meant to follow Prima Latina?
What age is this appropriate for? We currently use Martha Wilson's Latin Primer beginning in 3rd grade. Could we use this in 2nd grade?
Is this a supplement for a program? Is there a book and cd set?

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Memoria Press The Latin-Centered Curriculum

Divided into thirds, The Latin-Centered Curriculum addresses the "why" of classical education; how to use the classical education curriculum; and suggestions on creating a compendium of weekly schedules complete with teaching hints. Beginning with the Greek understanding of education as a holistic, literary, conservative, undertaking, and moving through the Reformation, Enlightenment, its decline under Dewey, and its modern resurgence from Dorothy Sayer's 1947 Oxford lecture, this book is worth reading for the history of classical education alone. With a detailed scope & sequence and a healthy emphasis on working at the child's--not the curriculum's--pace, reasons for using the Trivium, advice on teaching phonics, classical languages, arithmetic, copywork, literature, AP options, specific curriculum recommendations, reading lists, and other extraordinarily helpful advice, this is the perfect book for those looking to dive deeper into the well of classical education. 236 pages, softcover, 2nd edition.

This second edition includes

  • An expanded Great Books program for high school
  • New introductory chapters
  • Restructured subjects for easier state reporting
  • Updated recommendations for Latin, Greek, History, Science, and Religion
  • Detailed weekly schedules, tips for large families, A self-education program for adults, and more!
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