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Cerebellum Corporation Standard Deviants School ESL 12 Pack DVD

Written by award-winning English as Second Language instructors, each program in this series covers vocabulary as well as a different part of speech - including pronouns, prepositions, and adjectives.Mastering the English language will seem easy for your class with theStandard Deviants!

Program 1: Pronouns
Your study of English begins with a look at the biggest, baddest verb of them all: To Be. Without this handy verb, you'd never be able to say "This is an English program." Of course, we'll also explain pronouns - those little words like "we", "she" and "I" that take the place of nouns and keep your sentences nice and neat. Finally, we'll teach you all about "pointer" words, so you can talk about that thing over there!

Program 2: Adjectives
It's time to learn English! Sooner or later, you're going to need to tell someone how big, old, smooth, or hot something is. Don't worry, we're going to teach you how to use adjectives. These words will help you describe things and make your sentences more interesting.

Program 3: The Present Tense & Possessives
The Present Tense & Possessives- In this program, we're going to explain the easiest verb form: The Present Tense. This handy tense is the basis for simple conversations, from "I work in an office" to "I like hot dogs." But what if you want to tell someone that you like your hot dog? Or that you are in your office? Fortunately, we'll also cover possessives.

Program 4: Prepositions
On. Under. Out. Behind. These little words are called prepositions, and they are used to describe the relationship - time, location, quantity, purpose, and condition - between a noun and some other word. Sound complicated? Don't worry, we'll teach you how to make these words work for you. We'll also teach you a simple way to express your opinions: The present tense plus an infinitive.

Program 5: Question & Pointer Words
Who? What? Where? They're not just for reporters. Everyone needs to know how to use question words in English. And it's not enough to ask questions if people don't know what you're talking about. So learn the "pointer words" that take the place of a pointing finger, like "this," "that" and "there." You'll never be at a loss for words again.

Program 6: Days & Times
Days & Times- In today's 24-7 lifestyle, being able to tell the time and schedule your day is more important than ever. Learn about days of the week, the months, the seasons, then move those hands around the clock from morning to midnight. You'll be able to use these phrases in your English conversations in no time at all!

Program 7: Possessives
One of the basic building blocks of learning any language, possessives give you the ability to say what belongs to you and what does not. But possessives in English can be a little bit tricky. When do you use "my" and when do use "mine?" Or "her" and "hers?" Confused? Don't be! Watch the program and soon possessives will be yours.

Program 8: Verb + Infinitive
So you're comfortable using a single verb. But can you use more than one verb at a time? Stretch your conversations and stretch your sentences by learning to use the present simple tense with an infinitive and before you know it, you will "love to learn" about this handy grammar topic.

Program 9: The Past
Was & Were- Want to learn the past tense? Then you need to start with the basics: was and were. You'll use them time and time again, from "how was your day?" to "where were you?" and much, much more. Plus, we'll cover talking about your family and watch a detective hear a strange story of a man lost in the woods.

Program 10: The Past -- Regular Past
These are the verbs you love in the past tense.
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