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Does this DVD cover Jesus' disciples--who they were?
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For what age group is this appropriate?
Recent Question:
What is the suggested age range?
Recent Question:
What ages is this set appropriate for?
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What ages is this set appropriate for?
Does this DVD cover Jesus' disciples--who they were?
For what age group is this appropriate?
What is the suggested age range?

Customer Questions & Answers for
Cerebellum Corporation Statistics 10 DVD Super Pack

From mean, median, mode to distribution curves and random variables. Students will learn everything necessary to become comfortable and confident statisticians. This Standard Deviants School series will aid in the retention of key concepts by making statistics approachable and enjoyable. The DVD Super Pack contains programs 1-9 plus companion CD-ROM:

Module 1: The Basics
What is statistics? Aside from baseball and betting, what is it used for? The Standard Deviants explain the basics of this fascinating subject.

Module 2: Distribution Curves
With a little magic, you'll learn statistics without the usual mumbo-jumbo. You'll discover how to transform a confusing lump of numbers into an easy-to-understand picture, like distribution curves and stem-and-leaf displays.

Module 3: Variability and Standard Deviation
Ever feel like you're not ordinary? Then you'll understand how numbers feel when we talk about measures of variability and standard deviation. Next, it's the mysterious z-score. What could it be? You'll find out!

Module 4: Probability
What's the chance you'll draw a face card out of a 52-card deck? That's one of many questions related to probability! Find out about probability and more.

Module 5: Random Variables
The Standard Deviants cover discrete and continuous random variables like Baryshnikov covers the dance floor. Languish not, for variance, standard deviation and other linchpins of statistical learning will also present themselves for your enjoyment.

Module 6: The Binomial Formula
The Standard Deviants revisit the binomial formula. And believe it or not, you won't need a pen or paper! We'll show show you some handy tricks using clear explanations and fancy graphics. No mess, no boredom, just old-fashioned fun and a bit of rhythmics.

Module 7: Working with Distributions
More about continuous random intervals as the Standard Deviants walk you from point A to point B. On the horizon is the dynamic duo of distributions: normal and uniform. These two distributions sizzle more than hotcakes on a radiator. Finally, we'll take a quick sample of sampling.

Module 8: Statistics Tricks
Find out how to employ the empirical rule, command the confidence coefficient and exercise the error of estimation. And you'll learn what we call the meanest of the mean: the mean of the sampling distribution.

Module 9: Statistics Errors
The Standard Deviants cover null hypotheses, conquer the different types of hypothesis tests and slay the two-headed tyrant of terror: Type I and type II errors. But we won't go it alone- our old allies z-score and his compatriot the t-statistic will make a reappearance.

Statistics Companion CD
Transform your Standard Deviants School video programs into complete lessons with this supplementary CD-ROM! Each disc contains everything you need to present and reinforce the material covered in the DVD/video modules, including a Teacher's Guide with helpful presentation notes, a Program Guide that lists the most important topics in each program, illustrated QuikNotes with definitions and examples, and a quiz. Also usable with the Standard Deviants videos. Easy-to-access text files in PDF format. Mac and PC compatible.

Grade Level: 11+. 9 DVDs + CD Guide.
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Questions & Answers for Cerebellum Corporation Statistics 10 DVD Super Pack


How long does it normally take to complete all of the modules?

Is this a year long course? A semester?
asked 11 months ago
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on Statistics 10 DVD Super Pack
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answer 1
This is a supplemental course designed to be used over 1 semester.
answered 11 months ago
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