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Tucson the Terrific

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Tucson the Terrific

"Hi, my name's Tucson. Come on! I'll tell you a true tale."With that, Tucson the Terrific invites kids of all ages to hear the story of his life as a service dog.Tucson was born with a little bark and big, clumsy feet. His friends laughed at him, made fun of him, and wouldn't play with him. This made Tucson wonder if anyone could ever love him. But God had a special plan for the friendly golden retriever. When Linda brought him home from the kennel to be her service dog, Tucson felt needed and loved. When Linda's health improved and she didn't need Tucson's help as much, Tucson's old, sad feelings came back. Little did he know that a new door was opening for him-and only him-to bring joy to many people in many places. Tucson the Terrific, an adapted true story of a service dog and his owner, helps readers understand that God has a place and a purpose for everyone-even when things seem their darkest. Photographs of Tucson and his friends enhance the lively story, and young readers will love to sing along to Tucson's song (written and produced by Brent and Brian Maher of Moraine Studio in Tennessee), which may be acquired separately.
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