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Winepress Publishing Nothing Between

During most of life's journey, we rarely give thought to the time when we will be senior citizens. When it suddenly arrives, some of us are anxious to enjoy the world of AARP, Medicare, Social Security and ticket discounts. Others are fearful of the physical changes we don't wish to acknowledge or admit. We find ourselves in the midst of retirement from a long-time career, facing the care of aging parents, looking forward to travel, or finding ways to use all this free time productively. Those of us who have "arrived" at this point in life's adventure have been immersed in both positive and negative experiences.

As we walk daily with God, devotional books help to encourage and strengthen us as we strive to stay focused on his Word. Nothing Between is a book for those who are experiencing life's later aging process. It provides a connection between you and your Creator for an entire year, while also generating personal growth, spiritual progress and joy in living.

Author Bio:
Diane Harper is a senior citizen in the middle of her own journey enjoying Social Security, Medicare, and the whole nine yards! She is a retired university instructor, former choir director, and presently serves as a counselor at the Crisis Pregnancy Center and deacon of missions. She has enjoyed a long-time marriage, and Jesus has been her Lord and Savior for over forty years.

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