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Grandparent Company Daughter Mirror Christian

The Daughter Mirror gift includes shiny silvertone heart shaped compact mirror, a keepsake treasure, packaged with love and a story in elegant triple foldout.
  • beautiful mirrored compact, engraved Daughter; a sweet reminder to carry this mirror with you and when you see your reflection, remember how much I love you.Includes story about a mother/daughter relationship through the years, a tender sentiment from mother to daughter. Encased in chocolate brown tri-fold box, elegant presentation from cover to cover.

    Letter to daughter
    Dear Daughter,
    When you look in this mirror...see what
    I girl. When I look at you I will
    always see the beautiful baby I first
    held. The same baby that grew up to
    become a wonderful young woman
    right before my eyes. Although you are
    grown, I will always remember the
    growing years and all the special
    memories you imprinted on my heart.
    This mirror reflects what I see... a
    woman filled with love, hope, energy
    and promise. It is the celebration of our
    journey together and the many years
    ahead. Carry it with you and reflect on
    how much I love you and how proud I
    am to call you....MY DAUGHTER
    All my love

    With space for you to sign. Story of the Daughter mirror is included.
    Size of tri-fold box is 4" x 5.5"; size of mirror, 2".

    The Story of The Daughter Mirror
    A baby girl was born and her mother held
    her tight. The mother loved her baby more
    that words could say and she often
    wondered how she had been so blessed.
    The mother sang to her baby, she hugged
    and kissed her. She dried tears and calmed
    fears. She tucked her daughter in and
    tiptoed back in to her room to check on her
    every night. As the daughter grew, the
    mother and daughter would disagree about
    things. It wasn't always easy, but with love
    as her guide, the mother helped her
    daughter grow into a young woman. It all
    happened much faster than the Mother
    ever dreamed possible. No longer a baby,
    the young woman set out on her own full of
    hopes and dreams. On one memorable day,
    the mother and daughter exchanged gifts.
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