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New International Bible Commentary: With the New International Version - eBook

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New International Bible Commentary: With the New International Version - eBook

Winner of the Gold Medallion Award from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA), the New International Bible Commentary, with F.F. Bruce as its general editor, is a fitting successor to the New Layman's Commentary. The move from the Revised Standard Version (RSV) to the New International Version (NIV) will make this already accessible commentary even more so. Featuring articles and commentary from 43 of the top evangelical scholars (view a list of the contributors), this one-volume commentary on the entire Bible "unlocks the message and meaning of every book of the help you gain a deeper, life-changing understanding of Scripture."

With 28 supplemental articles, this commentary offers incredible insights into issues like text and canon; archaeology; environmental, historical, political and religious backgrounds; how the New Testament uses the Old Testament; and others. It is part of Zondervan's Understand the Bible Reference Series, which also includes:Overview of the New International Bible Commentary:
  • Theologically conservative (Evangelical)
  • Uses the New International Version (NIV)
  • Semi-technical (Greek and Hebrew words in the text are transliterated and briefly explained)
  • A section-by-section exposition of the meaning and message of every book of the Bible
  • Geared for pastors, students and interested laypeople
  • Insightful articles by leading evangelical scholars
  • Cross-referenced for easy thematic study
  • In-text maps give you a feel for the names and places found in the Bible
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