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Customer Questions & Answers for
Noble Rose Press The Children's Titanic Paper Dolls

A tragedy that resonates with society even over 100 years later, the sinking of the Titanic has had a great impact on Western history. Through an introduction that draws on themes of courage, bravery, and sacrifice---set within an understanding of Providential history---this collection of paper dolls provides a way for children to re-enact that night. Paper dolls reflect real-life people, with their clothes labeled to match; girls and boys can move Mrs. & Colonel Astor, Miss Annie "Nan" Harper, Captain Edward J. Smith, Reverend John Harper, Mrs. & Mr. Strauss, the Collyer family, and the Dean family around the included full-color, two-panel scene of the interior ballroom and exterior deck. Biographies and a short introduction to the Titanic are included. Dolls and clothes are on high-quality glossy paper, and must be cut-out with scissors.
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