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Cardamom Publishers Life Prep for Homeschooled Teenagers, 2nd Edition

Homeschooled parents spend most of their children's education making sure they get just that--and education. Yet there is so much more than literature and economics to prepare them for living outside the home. Life Prep for Homeschooled Teenagers is a course designed to walk your students through adult-situations such as research a place to live, figuring out health insurance, understanding credit, finding a spouse, living out their values and more.

A reading list with reviews of each book provide solid reading on a number of topics, such as finances, living, investing and more; the other portion of the book is filled with projects that can be tailored to your teens' interests. Charts, step-by-step instructions and/or points to bring up are included for each projects.

Two "tracks" are included for the "work-bound", "college-bound" teenagers. 125 pages with answers included. Softcover with spiral binding. For ages 14-17.

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