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ACSI Teaching Redemptively: Bringing Grace and Truth into Your Classroom

Most Christian schools today are the very representation of the law: rules are meted out in a system where no one can succeed; rewards of high grades and privileges are based upon the 'good works' of the students; and students' education only applies to the cerebral, fill-in-the-blank world of the modern classroom. Advocating a radically different approach, Donovan Graham writes of a grace-filled classroom, teachers that model their humanity, struggles and triumphs that Christ has brought them, and students that are taught to think and actually live out Christianity; instead of rules and systems, students are dealt with individually, and in Christ like fashion--sometimes with grace, sometimes with justice. Presenting a detailed thesis on how "Teaching Redemptively" works practically, and the under girding theological elements, "Teaching Redemptively" offers a new perspective on the integration of Christ-likeness into all aspects of life. 291 pages, softcover.
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Questions & Answers for ACSI Teaching Redemptively: Bringing Grace and Truth into Your Classroom

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