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Are all 8 sheets the same as the one shown in the picture, or do the other sheets have different countries on them?
Recent Question:
What material are these made from?
Recent Question:
WW60645 Border - how long total? WW59976 Banner - dimensions? WW64892 bookmarks - how many per pkg
Questions with Most Recent Answers
Are all 8 sheets the same as the one shown in the picture, or do the other sheets have different countries on them?
What material are these made from?
what is this set made of? how big are they? there is no description that I can find.

Customer Questions & Answers for
Pearson Learning myWorld Geography Grades 7 & 8 Homeschool Bundle

MyWorld Geography will take middle-school students on a continent-by-continent tour. Covering the earth itself, climates and ecosystems, human-environment interaction, economics, population, and other basic concepts in the introductory "core concepts handbook," students will then use these lenses to look at major region's modern and historical geographical history. The student text and journal are tied together by the Understanding by Design (UbD) model, which emphasizes "enduring understanding and transfer of learning" for long-term retention and applicability. Examining the culture, people, history and physical geography of the world, this social studies course will help provide students with a global perspective.

Each chapter in the student text is introduced with an "Essential Question," interesting "MyStory" passage, and a map to put the region in perspective. The chapter is divided into sections that center upon specific concepts; each section includes "key ideas" and "key terms," plenty of photographs, highlighted important terms, maps with map skill questions, "reading check" questions, and charts. Each section concludes with assessment questions on the key terms & ideas, critical thinking questions, and the essential question. Chapter assessments include comprehensive questions on the key terms/ideas, critical thinking questions, map-skills questions, 21st learning internet-based question or activity, , and document-based questions. 944 pages, hardcover.

The accompanying Student Journal is organized by chapter and section to easily correlate activities and worksheets. Worksheets, writing exercises, graphic organizers, chapter support, and a two-page writing exercises are included. The "Essential Question" preview asks students to find ways to relate the issues and principles of the question to their own lives, while the "connect to MyStory" page invites students to chart predictions on how the essential question relates to the countries in the chapter. "Word Wise" exercises emphasize vocabulary through games, word maps, and crossword puzzles. "Take Notes" graphic organizers will help students synthesize concepts and create a visual study guide. The "Essential Question Writers Workshop" provides an end-of-chapter opportunity to show understanding of the chapter. 303 pages, softcover.

The student journal answer key provides suggestions for assessment, guidance for working with essential questions, and answers for all student journal activities. 87+ pages, newspaper print.

This course includes 36-40 weeks of material. Middle School, Grade 7.

Please Note: This course's material on religion is not written from a Christian perspective, and in covering the earth's history mentions "millions of years." Please also note that this curriculum references an online site which requires an access code. This access code is not included, nor it is available for homeschoolers at this time.

This kit includes:

  • My World Geography Textbook
  • My Student Journal
  • My Student Journal Answer Key
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