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Hi I'm wondering how this would look imprinted since it is textured. And what are the dimensions? thanks
What are the color picutres like? I would like to see!
Is this Bible SMYTHE (not side) sewn, sewn or glued?

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Messianic Jewish Publishers Complete Jewish Bible - Hardcover

Why is this Bible different from all other Bibles? Because it is the only English version fully Jewish in style and presentation. It includes Dr. Stern's new version of the Tanakh ("Old Testament") and his highly acclaimed Jewish New Testament.

The Complete Jewish Bible:

  • Follows the Hebrew Bible order of the Tanakh's books the order with which Yeshua (Jesus) was familiar
  • Makes no separation between "Old" and "New" Testaments
  • Corrects mistranslations in the New Testament resulting from anti-Jewish theological bias
  • Offers the original Hebrew names for people, places, and concepts, using easy-to-read English transliterations
  • Focuses on Messianic prophecy
  • Gives the traditional weekly and holiday synagogue readings, plus relevant readings from the B'rit Hadashah (New Testament)
  • Reconnects Christians with their Jewish roots and the Jewish people
  • Connects Jews with the Jewishness of Messiah Yeshua and Messianic faith
Other Features of this Bible include: a comprehensive introduction, a pronouncing explanatory glossary, a reverse glossary and special maps to aid Bible understanding.

The complete Jewish Bible shows that the Word of God, from Genesis to Revelation is a unified Jewish book meant for everyone--Jew and non-Jew alike.

1631 pages (including maps & other helps), in hardcover.

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Questions & Answers for Messianic Jewish Publishers Complete Jewish Bible - Hardcover


Does this Bible give the Hebrew equivalent in it's words? Like, is the Lord's Prayer for example in Hebrew or the English we are all familiar with?

asked 3 years, 5 months ago
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on Complete Jewish Bible - Hardcover
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4 answers
answer 1
The Bible has the Hebrew words for the names of the people we are familiar with. The Lord's prayer is in English and is true to the original meaning.
answered 4 months ago
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Chaplain DHO
Williamson County, Texas
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answer 2
No, this Bible only has the English. Unlike my son and grandson, I can't read Hebrew -- yet!
answered 2 years, 9 months ago
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answer 3
Dear Deb77,

It's all in English, just with a more accurate expression of the original Hebrew which sometimes translates poorly in English. In some instances, the original Hebrew is used, such as in the word "shalom," which is best translated as wholeness, well-being; physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and financial wellness. Mearly translated as peace in English.

I'm a big Hebrew buff, and I loved this Bible. It's very different, very Jewish and a lot of fun.
answered 3 years, 5 months ago
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Titusville, FL
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answer 4
This Bible is not printed in Hebrew text. It gives original Hebrew names for people, places, and concepts in English transliterations and corrects mistranslations in the New Testament resulting from anti-Jewish theological bias.

The Lord's Prayer reads, "Our Father in heaven! May your Name be kept holy. May your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as in heaven. Give us the food we need today. Forgive us what we have done wrong, as we too have forgiven those who have wronged us. And do not lead us into hard testing, but keep us safe from the Evil One. For kingship, power and glory are yours forever. Amen"
answered 3 years, 5 months ago
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