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Is this DVD the same one that is coming out in theaters on April 16?
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Can this be an effective Women's Ministry Study or only for couples or soon-to-be married couples?
Recent Question:
How long is each video session?
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Is this DVD the same one that is coming out in theaters on April 16?
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How long is each video session?

Customer Questions & Answers for
Gospel Light Wired That Way Interactive DVD

Are you a popular Sanguine or a Perfect melancholy? Peaceful Phlegmatic or Powerful Choleric? Let Marita Littaur, and her mother, Florence Littaur, help deepen your understanding of each Personality type in this companion DVD to Wired That Way/ Through 10 fun, interactive lessons with two Personality type experts, you'll improve your knowledge of your own Personality and learn how to get along better with others. Discover which Personality types are the best match for your own and what work style suits you. Then, use your newfound knowledge to grow in your faith!

This 2 DVD set includes 10 powerful lessons:

  • Session 1: Foundation and Background
  • Session 2: Visible Clues
  • Session 3: Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Session 4: Personality Blends
  • Session 5: Emotional Needs
  • Session 6: Marriage
  • Session 7: Parenting
  • Session 8: Communication
  • Session 9: Workplace
  • Session 10: Spiritual Life

    A bonus segment with Florence Littaur is also included.

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    Questions & Answers for Gospel Light Wired That Way Interactive DVD


    How long do each session of the Wired that Way DVD's last?

    I am considering teaching this as a course to 11th & 12th grade homeschoolers at a co-op, and each of their weekly classes are 55 minutes. Will we have time to complete the video and do what is required in the workbook? Also, is it a must to have the paperback book, or can it be taught w/the DVD & workbook alone?
    asked 2 years, 4 months ago
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    on Wired That Way Interactive DVD
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    2 answers
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    It should be o.k. for a 55 minute class. There is no real break between the sessions on the DVD and that is a draw back because you never seem to get to the end. So it would be great for you because you would have to end it when one session is over. As I recall they are about 30 minutes each. The book explains the basics, and the workbook just has questions on the book. So I recommend the book. The DVD is definitely for a Christian audience but the book is great for any audience.
    answered 2 years, 4 months ago
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    answer 2
    It is possible to complete this course using the DVD and workbook alone. You may also want to purchase the Personality Profile Booklets (WW39275), so each student can determine thier own personality type prior to starting the course. Each DVD segment is about 30 minutes long. Therefore, completing the course in 1 hour would leave very little time for discussion. In order to maximize personal interaction, you may want to preview the workbook questions and prioritize which ones you would like to focus on during class time.
    answered 2 years, 4 months ago
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