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The Purpose-Driven Life - Audiobook on CD

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The Purpose-Driven Life - Audiobook on CD

Life's most basic question is Why am I Here? What is my purpose? Self help books suggest looking within, but Rick Warren says you must begin with God and his eternal purposes for your life. This book will help you understand God's incredible plan for your life and discover real meaning and significance by fulfilling God's purposes for putting you on earth. You were planned for God's pleasure - so your 1st purpose is to experience real worship. You were formed for God's family - so your 2nd purpose is to enjoy real fellowship. You were created to become like Christ - so your 3rd purpose is to learn real discipleship. You were shaped for serving God - so your 4th purpose is to practice real ministry. You were made for a mission - so your 5th purpose is to live out real evangelism. Read by the author. Unabridged, 8 CDs and 9 hours.
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