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Customer Questions & Answers for
Group Publishing Why, God?: When Personal Tragedy Doesn't Make Sense

Tragedy. If God loves us, why does he let it invade our lives?

Tom Vander Woude was a dedicated dad enjoying a morning of yard work with his son Joseph. Then--in a heartbeat--what started as just another day became a day the entire family would never forget.

Experience this compelling true story of tragedy and hope through a powerful reenactment-and hear an exclusive interview with Joseph's brother.

Use these compelling interview clips to open up insight and conversation regarding...

  • Tragedy
  • The Gospel
  • Friendship
  • Sacrifice
  • Suffering
  • God's Love
  • Serving others
  • Wht bad things happen to good people

"Anyone who wonders why God allows tragedy in this world will be riveted by this true story-and the life-changing truths it illustrates."

Lifetree Films Clips feature real stories-from real people. Each DVD provides high-quality, customizable video clips that enhance your message in a variety of ministry settings.

Use true stories to enhance:

  • Sermons/Talks
  • Small Groups
  • Bible Studies

BONUS: Includes Scripture references and discussion questions insert.

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Questions & Answers for Group Publishing Why, God?: When Personal Tragedy Doesn't Make Sense

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