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The Everything Homeschooling Book, Second Edition

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The Everything Homeschooling Book, Second Edition

Everything you want to know about homeschooling, in one easy, quick-access guide! A fantastic book to read yourself, or share with others who aren't exactly sure how homeschooling works, this practical guide covers expectations, learning styles & teaching methods, how to get started, types of homeschooling, socialization, unschooling, unit studies, fun activities, frugal hints, choosing curriculum, scheduling, homeschooling one or several children, typical days, record keeping, organization, single-parents, two-careers, homeschooling during different stages, special-needs kids, veterans & burn-out, and college. Conversational in tone, with plenty of "e-alerts", "e-ssentials", and real-life stories, this encouraging book will give you plenty of ideas for the days and years ahead. Now updated, this second edition of The Everything Homeschooling Book features new strategies on choosing methods to help your children learn, educational activities, practical information to help your days run smoothly, and tips from real families on handing special challenges or concerns-as well as updated resources and websites. 289 pages, softcover, indexed.
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