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Canon Press Logos Latin 1 Complete Package

English has been greatly influenced by Latin, and the Romance languages are of course the "children" of Latin. A fantastic way to connect with historical documents as well as the foundation for modern "foreign languages," this Grade 3, elementary-level class emphasizes memorizing verb and noun chant endings and vocabulary acquisition of everyday, accessible words.

Logos Latin I covers English derivates from Latin roots, as well as the first and second conjugations in the present, imperfect, and future tenses (active voices). The nominative and accusative cases; singular and plural nouns; subject noun-verb, and subject noun-verb-direct object) sentences; and a few prepositions are also presented.

Logos Latin Student Workbook 1 features weekly activities that include: coloring pages, story writing, word searches, crossword puzzles, anagrams, comic strips, and more. Following three friends throughout the workbook, students will learn to conjugate verbs, translate and pronounce new vocabulary, and learn derivatives.

Within each lesson, section A presents new vocabulary with space to write derivatives and instructions to copy out the Latin list and meanings. In Section B, students practice writing the Latin forms of the English words. In Section C, students do an exercise involving derivatives and the lesson concludes with a Latin "saying of the week". There is an activity to go along with each page in the book. The schedule suggests working through workbook sections B & C on Monday and Tuesday, leaving Wednesday for timed chant days, Thursday as a game review/optional activity day, and Friday for quizzes.

The teacher's guide provides the suggested schedule as well as answers for the student workbook; the Quiz and Test Book includes both weekly tests and quizzes, as well as test and quiz answers. The booklet contains all 29 quizzes and 7 tests for Logos Latin 1, and it's reproducible!

The Logos Latin Instructional DVD provides the classroom instruction element for homeschooled students. Each workbook lesson is fully taught, including the chants, vocabulary, derivatives, and worksheets.

The e-flashcards CD-ROM includes word lists for each lesson combined with the audio pronunciation of each word! Students will learn the vocabulary both by seeing the word and thinking of the translation and by having to type the translation in English and back into Latin.

This Logos Latin 1, 2nd Edition (3rd Grade) kit contains:

  • Logos Latin Student Workbook 1. 305 pages, softcover with glossaries.
  • Logos Latin Teacher's Manual 1. 271 pages, spiralbound softcover.
  • Logos Latin Quizzes and Tests 1. 156 pages, spiralbound softcover, reproducible.
  • Logos Latin 1 Instructional DVD.
  • Logos Latin 1 e-Flashcards CD-ROM.
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