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Thomas Cranmer & the English Reformation

Customer Questions & Answers for
Thomas Cranmer & the English Reformation

His faith was diplomatic at best: his absolutist devotion to king and country daily competed with his loyalty to God. Yet Thomas Cranmer's propensity toward diplomacy led him to find the via media-middle way-between Catholics and Protestants in an age when compromise equaled a double portion of treason. His ensuing martyrdom sparked the brushfire of English Reformation, and his Book of Common Prayer and 42 Articles facilitated the emergence of Anglican Christianity. Christian History & Biography invites you to read more about this man who chose to act faithfully when faith was on the line.

Inside this issue you'll find:

  • Courage When It Counted - Thomas Cranmer was the most cautious, even indecisive, of reformers-until his final hour.
  • Also: Understanding Cranmer - Cranmer Obeyed Reason First
  • Why Queen Mary Was "Bloody" - And why her persecution of Protestants failed
  • Also: A Tale of Two Martyrs - The burning of Reformers Nicholas Ridley and Hugh Latimer
  • Destroying the Monasteries - Where was Thomas Cranmer during this unscrupulous chapter in the English Reformation?
  • The Gallery: Reform from on High - The English Reformation, more than others, was the work of the principalities and powers.
  • Also: The English Reformation's Most Famous Martyrs
  • Catholic Counterpoint - What was it like to be on the losing side of England's Reformation?
  • Acrobat Theologian - It's not easy to take a balanced view of doctrines like predestination and Communion-but Cranmer did.
  • "The Most Healthful Medicine" - Why, and how, everyone should read the Bible
  • Unmatched Masterpiece - The cadences of Cranmer's Book of Common Prayer continue to nurture Christians worldwide.
  • Also: Perfect Words for the Contrite Heart
  • The Christian History Interview: The Tradition Continues The distinctive legacy of Thomas Cranmer, and the Anglican "middle way" today.
  • History in the Making: Longhairs for Jesus - It scandalized many Christians and made Time magazine-so, like whatever happened to the Jesus Movement?
Issue 48 (Volume XIV (14), Number 4)
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Questions & Answers for Christianity Today Thomas Cranmer & the English Reformation

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