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Customer Questions & Answers for
Christianity Today How the Vikings Took up the Faith

Though the Vikings have been infamous for their attacks on Christian churches and monasteries-inspiring throughout Europe the prayer, "From the fury of the Northmen, O Lord, protect us"-those very raids began a centuries-long process of exposure and eventual conversion to the Christian faith. Christian History & Biography investigates the Vikings' journey by focusing on different kings, missionaries, and evangelistic techniques that made the knowledge of the gospel available-and even mandatory.

How the Vikings took up the faith.

Inside this issue you'll find:

  • 'Be Christian Or Die'- When it comes to conversion by the sword, few can match the ruthless exploits of King Olaf Trygvesson.
  • Dead Man Converting - King Olaf Haraldsson had only modest success at Christianizing his people-until a year after he was killed in battle.
  • Why Trust the White Christ? Besides seeking spiritual solace, Vikings were attracted by Christianity's tangible blessings.
  • Also: The Dead Still Speak
  • Planting the Seed - How missionaries' modest beginnings eventually bore fruit in Denmark.
  • From Hammer to Cross, Slowly - The conversion of Sweden was unspectacular-and for that reason most illuminating.
  • Father-Son Saga - The story of Erik the Red, his son Leif (the famous explorer), and the most misnamed of Viking lands.
  • The Gallery: Sometimes You Win...The story of three Viking rulers.
  • Althings Work to the Good - At a legislative "Althing", a pagan judge prevented civil war in Iceland-by converting everyone to Christianity.
  • Converting by the Sword - Why Christians used it, why it "worked," and why it died.
  • An interview with Richard Fletcher
Issue 63 (Volume XVIII (18), Number 3)
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