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Customer Questions & Answers for
Wesscott Marketing The Derby Stallion/Bailey's Billions, Double Feature DVD

In The Derby Stallion fifteen-year-old Patrick has the pressure of his father to be a good baseball player; but that's not what he really wants. Patrick has a passion for horses. Would he convince his father to let him quit baseball and compete for the Derby Cup? Would he find the champion that lies within? Closed Captioned. Rated PG; Dove approved ages 12+. Approx. 98 minutes.

DVD Features:
  • Unrated cast interviews
  • Unrated stories from the shoot
  • Photo montage
  • Three audio song tracks by Billy Preston
  • DVD Rom featuring: Printable Photos, Wallpaper, Screen Saver, Buddy Icons
  • Bailey's Billion is the story of a sweet and savvy talking golden retriever that inherits a billion-dollars from his owner. But when nasty no-goods Casper and Dolores cook up a daring dognap scheme to get their greedy paws on his inheritance, is up to Bailey's loyal guardian Ted, a kind-hearted animal lover Marge, her daughter Sam, and a clever border collie Tessa, to stop that evil plan. Together they embark on a hilarious madcap adventure to get Bailey back and put the nasty dognappers out of business for good! Closed Captioned. Rated G; Dove approved all ages. Approx. 93 minutes.

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    Questions & Answers for Wesscott Marketing The Derby Stallion/Bailey's Billions, Double Feature DVD

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