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Customer Questions & Answers for
Familyman Ministries The Homeschool Experiment: A Novel

If you're a homeschooling mom, you'll know exactly the type of life The Homeschool Experiment portrays. A funny and practical novel that takes a micro-level look at one family's first year homeschooling, author Charity Hawkins has also integrated a number of real-life resources, curriculum suggestions, blogs, and more--if you've homeschooled, there is much to recognize in the Miller family's journey! Picking up on all the little things: the distractions, life with a toddler, whining kids who take 20 minutes to write one word, tantrums, discipline, organizing chores, picking out books at the curriculum fair, co-ops, and of course dealing with disapproving stares and family members, be encouraged as you read how Julianne Miller navigates the waters of homeschooling with humor and faith. 229 pages, softcover. Appendix with homeschooling resources mentioned in the book is included, as well as a homeschool group study guide with questions for each chapter.
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