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Is the student book hardcover or soft?
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What grade level is this consumer math curriculum?
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Is the student book hardcover or soft?
What grade level is this consumer math curriculum?
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Customer Questions & Answers for
Accelerated Christian Education Grade 4 Math PACEs 1037-1048

Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum has Scripture as its foundation, fully integrating biblical principles, wisdom, and character-building concepts into education. Students move at their own speed through the self-instructional "PACE" workbooks. Following the mastery approach, PACEs are formatted for students to complete the exercises found throughout the workbook, take a practice "self test," and conclude with a "final test" (torn out from the center), to measure understanding.

This set includes Math 4 Grade 4 PACEs 1037-1048, which cover:

  • Learns additional multiplication facts; 10 and 11 times tables, and simple division skills; identifies and uses relationships between operations, such as division as the inverse of multiplication, to solve problems.
  • Matches word sentences with number sentences and reviews number words and symbols.
  • Rounds numbers on a number line to the nearest 5 and 10.
  • Reviews and learns Roman numerals 1-50 and word problems converting to numerals.
  • Learns to borrow and subtract 3-digits minus 3-digits, checks by addition, and borrows and subtracts from 10s, 100s, and 1000s.
  • Learns to use the terms addend, sum, minuend, subtrahend, difference, multiplier, multiplication, and product to match correct numbers in problems.
  • Learns fractions through shaded parts of a circle, learns equivalency in fractions, and adds and subtracts like fractions.
  • Learns to add and carry to 10s, 100s, and 1000s-4-digits and 4-digits.
  • Reviews and demonstrates understanding of basic money concepts and skills.
  • Reviews converting inches to feet, feet to yards, and inches to yards; reading a scale in pounds; and converting cups to pints, pints to quarts, and quarts to gallons.

    A variety of exercises help with review and retention. 35 pages each, paperback booklets. Grade 4. PACE 1037-1048.

    Answers are not included, but are available in the sold-separately PACE Score Key Set.

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    Questions & Answers for Accelerated Christian Education Grade 4 Math PACEs 1037-1048


    Are the math books included in this package the Latest Edition Books that are being sold separately? or are they older books?

    I have two children at the same level. One needs all the PACES in the Grade, one only needs some of the PACES. If I buy the package and then include some individual PACES are the answer keys going to match up between the two? I am ready to buy, just need to know, please.
    asked 2 months ago
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    on Grade 4 Math PACEs 1037-1048
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    1 answer
    answer 1
    When choosing individual PACEs to correspond with this set, just make sure you pick the ones titled "Latest Edition".
    answered 2 months ago
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