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How long are the sessions?
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Is there a DVD that goes with this study?
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What does "Repackaged" mean? Is this not new?
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Is there a separate leader's guide with Life Change: Ruth & Esther?
Questions with Most Recent Answers
Is there a DVD that goes with this study?
What does "Repackaged" mean? Is this not new?
Is there a separate leader's guide with Life Change: Ruth & Esther?
Can a study between 2 people mom and daughter be possible with just the study guides and no DVD
Be Equipped (Deuteronomy)

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Be Equipped (Deuteronomy)

Are you equipped to face the future? THere are opportunities ahead-and battles. Are you ready? The truths that Moses shared in Deuteronomy are just what we need today as we face the unknown future: How to recognize and use the lessons of the past; the importance of God's law; the preeminence of love in the life of liberty; how God deals with failure; what it means to share in God's Covenant. As Israel's new generation prepared to entered the Promised Land, Moses taught them the basic truths they needed to know in order to defeat the enemy and claim their inheritance. These spritual principles still work today. The future is your friend when Jesus Christ is your Lord and the Bible is your guide! Learn from Moses, one of history's greatest teachers, what it means to be an overcomer, able to fulfill the purpose God has for you.
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