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Group Publishing Bethlehem Bound Christmas Event Kit

Create, rehearse, and present a complete Christmas play starring families in one easy event. With just one hour of rehearsal, four scenes involving everyone who attends, original script and music, Bethlehem Bound presents Jesus as the real star of Christmas. Marty and Ramona, a Bible-times couple, lead the way to Bethlehem on the night of Jesus' birth. En route, they encounter Mary and Joseph, a musical caravan, Wise Ones going to meet the baby king, harmonic angels, and shepherds with a flock of inspiring sheep-all played by families decked out with creative props they have just created.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 Director Guide with everything you need to know for planning, inviting, recruiting, and follow-up plus the entire script.
  • 4 Assistant Director Guides (one per scene) with family devotions, scene script, plus music and motions.
  • 4 Music CDs (one for each scene) containing a lyrical and an instrumental version of the original song for that scene.
  • 1 Director Media Pack with one master CD containing all the songs for the performance and one CD-ROM with downloads for publicity, decorating, registration, and follow-up.
  • Sample Pack including one of each: Comic Book; Scene Props; Wise-Ones Half Mask; Shepherd's Sheep Puppet

Notes: Bethelehem Bound has four scenes, each in its own rehearsal room where cast members learn songs, motions and make a prop. You'll need 1 hour of rehearsal and the perfromance will take about 1 hour. Three actors are needed: Marty, Ramona, and the Narrator.

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Questions & Answers for Group Publishing Bethlehem Bound Christmas Event Kit

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