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Customer Questions & Answers for
Bridge-Logos Publishing The Case for Christ's Resurrection, Book/DVD

The Case for Christ's Resurrection investigates the historical record, draws upon medical knowledge, searches for evidence in the lives of the Apostles, explores ancient Jewish burial customs, and---with new scientific technologies---examines the 2,000-year-old burial cloth of Christ. For the first time, through physics and space-age imaging, scientists are able to view the crucified body of Christ in a three-dimensional holographic image. Learn what scientists have discovered, and strengthen your faith.

"There is growing proof that the events depicted in the Gospel accounts are true, with more evidence being revealed regularly, thanks to modern research, analysis and scientific advances," notes Dr. Gary Habermas, research professor and chair of the department of theology at Liberty University, who is also interviewed in the show. "Science, combined with written descriptions---by non-Christians---of the events of Jesus' life and death, make it clear that Christian beliefs are grounded in fact."

The DVD is approximately 120 minutes long (including bonus features) and comes with 3-D glasses.

David W. Balsiger is a television producer-director, international rights supervisor, advertising executive, and the author of 25 nonfiction books, to date. He is the head of the broadcast and licensing division of Grizzly Adams Productions, Inc.

Michael Minor is a practicing attorney and former prosecutor. He served as General Counsel for the American Shroud of Turin Research Project, Inc. and has been involved with Shroud research for many years.

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Questions & Answers for Bridge-Logos Publishing The Case for Christ's Resurrection, Book/DVD

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