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Hi I'm wondering how this would look imprinted since it is textured. And what are the dimensions? thanks
What are the color picutres like? I would like to see!
Is this Bible SMYTHE (not side) sewn, sewn or glued?
The Renovare Spiritual Formation Bible, NRSV with the Deuterocanonical Books

Customer Questions & Answers for
The Renovare Spiritual Formation Bible, NRSV with the Deuterocanonical Books

Five years in the making, the Renovaré Spiritual Formation Bible seeks to recover the dynamics of Scripture for the spiritual transformation of the people of God: past, present, and future. It provides a view of God's community through history, the ups-and-downs, ins-and-outs of a with-God life. While other study Bibles serve as resources for sermon exposition, higher criticism, or personal devotion, the Renovaré Bible helps us capture the reality of living with the Trinitarian community in the ever-present kingdom of God. It recasts the Bible as the primary written resource for informing our minds and transforming our spirits in Christlikeness.

This edition includes the Deuterocanonical books.

The Renovaré Bible includes:

  • Major essays and graphic representations highlighting 15 expressions of the With-God Life
  • Essays and notes for each book of the Bible
  • More than fifty contributors, noted experts on the Bible, and a and a distinguished editorial board
  • Fifteen progressive essays on living the "with-God life"
  • Introductions and notes for each book of the Bible explaining not only the historical and theological content, but also
  • highlighting main themes for spiritual formation
  • Spiritual exercises that help incorporate and deepen what you are encountering in your Bible reading
  • Profiles of key biblical characters (with Index)
  • A Spiritual Disciplines Index that provides a glossary of Bible references for each Spiritual Discipline
  • A Spiritual Formation Bibliography
Other Features:
  • 9 point type
  • Double-column format
  • Black Letter Edition
  • Subject headings
  • Translation/textual notes
  • Study Notes
  • Concordance
  • Book introductions
  • Black & White Maps
  • Black Hardcover
  • 63/4" x 91/2" x 13/4"
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