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How durable is the binding?
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How many letters of the alphabet are in the book?
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How big is the Truck?
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Which books are included in this set?
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How durable is the binding?
How many letters of the alphabet are in the book?
Which books are included in this set?
Tiny Bear's Bible, Girl

Customer Questions & Answers for
Tiny Bear's Bible, Girl

Tiny Bear's Bible is bound in soft teddy-bear-brown furry cover with embroidered facial features, pink overalls and hair bow. Inside Tiny Bear hears stories from the Bible on each page of the colorfully illustrated board book, which covers stories from the Old Testament and New. Tiny Bear appears throughout in loving family situations. A delightful read-to-me title for ages 2-5.
Stories include Creation, Noah's Ark, Baby Moses, David and Goliath, Daniel in the lion's Den, the birth of Christ, Jesus calms the storm, the Lord's prayer, Jesus the Friend of Sinners, the Resurrection,"I am with you always". 7.5" x 8".
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