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The Angry Eyebrows: Larryboy - The Cartoon Adventures #1, DVD

Customer Questions & Answers for
The Angry Eyebrows: Larryboy - The Cartoon Adventures #1, DVD

From the creators of VeggieTales comes an all-new, all-fun cartoon adventure series for kids starring America's favorite plunger-headed hero, LARRYBOY!

Working as the mild-mannered janitor at Bumblyburg's newspaper, The Daily Bumble, alongside editor-in-chief Bob the Tomato, and cub reporter Junior Asparagus and a whole host of new veggie friends, Larry the Cucumber must put on his plungers an fly into action as super-villain Awful Alvin unleashes a swarm of Angry Eyebrows on this otherwise friendly hamlet!

Can Larryboy convince the townsfolk to let go of their anger in time to stop this menace and his litany of lashes of lashes? And who will save Larryboy if he gets tangled up in Alvin's diabolical scheme?
Kids will love the action and get a great lesson in the importance of letting go of anger as Larryboy faces off with ... THE ANGRY EYEBROWS! Includes the hilarious bonus cartoon short: Fly By Might.

DVD Features:

  • 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround
  • Trailers, Sneak Previews and other cool stuff
  • Story Reels
  • DVD ROM Features: Story Treatment and Script (for Windows PC only)
  • Artwork Gallery and Animation Progression with Director Commentary
  • Phil Vischer on Taking Larryboy from 3D to 2D
  • Hidden "Easter Eggs" Features
  • Learn How to Draw Larry and Larryboy
  • Interactive Game, Online fun, Cool Web Links
  • Guide to Bumblyburg's Superheroes and Super-villains
  • Larryboy Theme Sing Along (Karaoke style)
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