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Recent Question:
Could someone tell me more about this journal?? Thank you.
Recent Question:
do you have the jurnal ub792599x
Recent Question:
What Bible version does this use?
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Could someone tell me more about this journal?? Thank you.
What Bible version does this use?
do you have the jurnal ub792599x
Experience--Mission Trip Devotions & Journal

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Experience--Mission Trip Devotions & Journal

You're going on a missions trip, or maybe you know someone who is. Maybe it's your first trip; maybe you've been many times. Either way, you have questions, and wonder about how you're supposed to feel about this whole experience. What better way to focus everything that you're feeling than a combination of a journal and devotional?

This series of small books contains articles written by young adults who have been active in missions. They address issues and concerns common to almost all missionaries, and allow you to put how you're feeling into perspective. The series of three books consists of 'Anticipate', for gearing up to entering the missions field; 'Experience', for journaling your daily thoughts while at your destination; and 'Reflect', for after you return.

Small in size, but packed with information for missionaries at all levels, and are wonderful keepsakes and mementos of those special times in our lives when we are able to bring God's Word to a world that hasn't heard of Jesus yet.
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