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Zondervan The Bare Naked Truth about Waiting

Sex is completely saturated into today's society and teens today are dealing with the brunt of it. The Bare Naked Truth About Waiting is a useful tool for teen girls to give them the information they need to know to protect their purity and help guide them through tempting moments that they face every day. Includes quizzes, journal sections, and more!
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Questions & Answers for Zondervan The Bare Naked Truth about Waiting


Is the topic of 'self pleasuring' addressed?

Could you tell me if the issue of "self-pleasuring" is addressed in this book? I know that masturbation is included in most purity books written for boys/men, but I think it is a larger issue with young women than we may realize. I want to have a few books on purity available for my daughter to read, and would like to know whether this topic is addressed in this specific book. Thank you!
asked 9 months ago
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on The Bare Naked Truth about Waiting
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3 answers
answer 1
I did end up purchasing this as an ebook, and it didn't meet my expectations. I was expecting the author to have more substantial sway in promoting the virtue of abstinence than she did. The topic of 'self pleasuring' was addressed, but skimmed over in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, it is an okay book, just not what I expected. The author is very friendly and candid and it reads very conversationally, but in my opinion not persuasively. I purchased this to pre-read and possibly share with our daughter in an effort to encourage her to embrace the values we are teaching as a family. However, it is so relaxed in tone that I feel if someone came toward the book with the opinion that abstinence isn't that big of a deal and as long as you're "safe" or not "addicted" to a behavior such as self-pleasuring, then this book isn't going to cause you to rethink your stance and become more conservative/modest. The author was sensitive to the fact that some girls reading the book may have already had sex, so she encourages them by reminding them they can be forgiven and that even if you've lost your virginity, "it's never too late to start waiting". In my opinion, a teen girl can who hasn't done anything yet could easily interpret those passages to mean, "Well, it looks like I can be forgiven and just 'get back on track'," which IS true, but, again, I purchased this hoping to encourage abstinence.
answered 7 months ago
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answer 2
Yes. She has a whole chapter on it. I felt like she handled it very well. :-)
answered 7 months ago
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answer 3
Yes, this topic is addressed in the chapter titled, "Lie #7, Masturbation Will Help Me Save Myself".
answered 9 months ago
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