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is this the entire game??? or just cards???
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Does this come with a map key?
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How many seals come in the package?
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is this the entire game??? or just cards???
Does this come with a map key?
How many seals come in the package?
Do you use one book per year? Will it last the whole year?
Karl Barth, Second Ed.

Customer Questions & Answers for
Karl Barth, Second Ed.

The second edition of John Webster's masterly Karl Barth offers an insightful introduction into the thought of the twentieth century's greatest theologian.

Barth's lifetime of work, of which his revolutionary Epistle to the Romans and hislandmark Church Dogmatics were only a part, is a massive, complex, and still largely unstudied body of writings. The posthumous publication of much of his work has invited fresh and attentive interpretations of his thought, as his fuller body of work continues to contextualize and nuance Barth's theology.

This book draws together the primary concepts in Barth's work to provide a clear and authoritative introduction to the main themes of Barth's theology. The closing chapter, with its focus on Barth's relationship to modernity, postmodernity, and the tasks of theology will be especially useful to students.
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