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Vida Un Dios Incomprensible (The God I Don't Understand)

Todo creyente sincero debe admitir que hay muchas cosas acerca de Dios que no entendemos. Nosotros no tenemos las respuestas definitivas a los profundos problemas de la vida, y aquellos que dicen tenerlas probablemente viven relativamente engañados. Para muchas personas, estos problemas plantean tantas preguntas e incertidumbres que la fe en sí se convierte en una lucha, y la persona y carácter de Dios se ponen en tela de juicio. Chris Wright nos anima a afrontar las limitaciones de nuestro entendimiento y a reconocer el dolor y la angustia que a menudo nos pueda causar.

Every honest beliver has to admit that there are many things we don't understand about God. We do not have final answer to the deep problems of life, and those who say they do are probably living in some degree of delusion. For many people, these problems raise so many questions and uncertainties that faith itself becomes a struglgle, and the very person and character of God are called into question Chris Wright encourages us to face up to the limitations of undertanding and to acknowledge the pain and grief.
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