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Signing Time: DVD Gift Set, Volumes 1-3

Customer Questions & Answers for
Signing Time: DVD Gift Set, Volumes 1-3

Learn American Sign Language (ASL) in a fun and playful way with host Rachel Coleman, her daughter Leah (age 4), who is deaf, and her cousin Alex (age 3). Volumes 1-3 are a great first step into signing and teaches signs for many 'first words.' Series 1, Volume 1: My First Signs, Series 1, Volume 2: Playtime Signs, and Series 1, Volume 3: Everyday Signs are included along with the audio CD for all 3 volumes. Created for ages 0-5 but enjoyed by all! Close-Captioned. Approximately 30 Minutes plus special features per DVD.

ASL sings taught in Volume 1:

  • Eat/Food, Milk, Water
  • Ball
  • More
  • Bird, Cat, Dog, Fish
  • Car, Airplane
  • Want
  • Shoes
  • Flower
  • Mom, Dad

    ASL sings taught in Volume 2:

  • Friend, Play
  • Train, Doll, Bike, Bear
  • Your Turn, My Turn,
  • Please, Share, Thank You
  • Book, Read, Socks
  • Yes, No
  • Thirsty, Drink
  • Dirty, Clean, Potty, Wash Hands, Bath
  • Hurt, Sorry, Stop, Go, Wait
  • Grandpa, Grandma

    ASL sings taught in Volume 3:

  • Hungry, Apple, Cookie, Cereal, Banana,
  • Bread, Cheese, Cracker, Ice Cream, Candy
  • Help, Full, Hot, Cold, Dry, Wet,
  • Like, Don't Like,
  • Day, Sun, Night, Moon, Stars
  • Happy, Laugh, Sad, Cry,
  • Boy, Girl
  • And other contextual signs!
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