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Colossal Coaster World--Sampler VBS Kit, 2013

Customer Questions & Answers for
Colossal Coaster World--Sampler VBS Kit, 2013

Colossal Coaster World: Facing Fear, Trusting God 2013 VBS from Lifeway.
Theme Verse: For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness, but one of power, love and sound judgment. (2 Timothy 1:7)
Bible Translation: Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)
Ages: Babies/Infants to Adults.

Christians of all ages must face our fears in life and trust God, being reminded of Paul's advice to Timothy (2 Timothy 1:7). Paul in the book of Acts teaches kids they can trust God no matter what twists and turns the ride of life may take. With God's provision of power, love and good judgment they can obey God, tell others about him, share his love, be self-disciplined and face all our fears. Come to the amusement park for an exciting time at Colossal Coaster World VBS.

Bible Story (Scripture Verse / Life Application):
Day 1: Paul Obeyed (Acts 9:1-18 / I can trust God and obey Him without fear.)
Day 2: Paul Spoke Boldly (Acts 9:20-30/ I can trust God to help me speak boldly about Him.)
Day 3: Paul Proclaimed Salvation (Acts 16:16-34 / I can trust God's plan of salvation and share His love with others.)
Day 4: Paul Responded Wisely (Acts 21:27-23:11 / I can trust God to help me have self-control and honor Him with my actions.)
Day 5: Paul Trusted God (Acts 27 / I can trust God to give me the power to face my fears no matter what comes next.)

Colossal Coaster World Sampler Kit Contents:

Planning Resources:
  • Decorating Made Easy with Clip Art CD-ROM
  • VBS 2013 Administrative Guide for Directors
  • One Leader Guide for all age groups-babies through preteens
  • One Kid's Activity Pak: Babies-2s
  • One Kid's Activity Pak: 3s-Kindergarten
  • Grades 1-2 Daily Park Guide
  • Grades 3-4 Daily Park Guide
  • VBX 2013 Preteen Daily Park Guide
  • Youth Learner Guide (VBS 2013 Student Book)
  • Adult Learner Guide
Rotation Resources:
  • Music Rotation Leader Guide with DVD
  • Missions Rotation Leader Guide with DVD
  • Crafts Rotation Leader Cards
  • Snack Rotation Recipe Cards
Witnessing Helps:
  • New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs (HCSB)
  • One VBS 2013 Family Park Guide
  • One ABC Memory Card
  • One ABC Wristband
  • One Music for Kids CD
  • One Music for Preschoolers CD
Promotional Items:
  • VBS 2013 Promotional Poster
  • VBS 2013 Catalog
  • VBS 2013 Promotional DVD
Gifts & Souvenirs:
  • One VBS 2013 Picture Frame
  • One VBS 2013 Name Tag with Lanyard
  • One VBS 2013 Treat Bag
  • One set of six VBS 2013 Collectible Daily Buttons
Sample Craft Packs:
  • One Colossal Coaster Card
  • One ABC Tilt-a-Whirl Top
  • One Ferris Wheel Puzzle
  • One Ticket Frame
  • One Fear Face Bookmark
  • One Storm-tossed Ship Paperweight
  • One Fireworks Kazoo
  • One Colossal Camera Card
  • One Bible Verse Ferris Wheel
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