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How long is each session?
Recent Question:
Do the DVDs have Spanish subtitles?
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How long is each session?
I have a participant's book for The Jesus I Never Knew in 14 sessions with the accompanying DVD. Can the 6 sessions version be used with that DVD?
Do the DVDs have Spanish subtitles?
How long are the video sessions? And is there work to do daily
What's Brewing? Filtering Your Plans, Priorities & Perspectives

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What's Brewing? Filtering Your Plans, Priorities & Perspectives

Life. It just keep perking along...

We all want our drink from the cup of life to be flavorful and full-bodied, but sometimes it feels like we're caught in the daily grind. When our plans don't pan out, when disappointments come, when we feel unsure of what to can leave a bitter taste.

How we respond to the circumstances of life depends largely on our perspective. God's Word, the Bible, provides a wonderful filter for our thoughts and attitudes that will help us savor the flavor of life once again. That's why this study was written.

So, what's brewing in your life?

Don't settle for a life that's bland when you were intended for a life that's grande!

Page numbers are given within this study to make finding Bible references easy. These page numbers are consistant with the Stonecroft edition of the Good News New Testament, available below.


  • A topical study with five one-hour sessions
  • Participant-driven -- designed for interactivity and group discussion
  • Topics covered: life plans that work, dealing with disappointment, confidence in God's guidance, a heavenly perspective, and discovering an overflowing life
  • Journaling pages are part of each lesson
  • Guide and participant materials are included in each book
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