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Reality Check: Finding God's Truth in TV's Reality

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Reality Check: Finding God's Truth in TV's Reality

In today's culture reality shows abound. Flip through the channels on any given day and you can find a reality show on almost any topic--from fashion modeling to bounty hunting. There's even a reality show about making a reality show!

Now, what if you were on a reality TV show? Your character would definitely be tested. Most contestants on these shows end up revealing what they are really made of--whether it's good or bad. In Reality Check, author Blaine Bartel provides you with a deeper look at reality television shows and how they apply to your real life. Each reality show concept is introduced with a personal life evaluation and followed by lists of biblical and practical truths that you can apply in your own life. Full of humor and hard-hitting truths, this spin on reality TV gives food for thought, inspirational encouragement, and spiritual takeaways.

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