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Customer Questions & Answers for
Sharif Bible Society The Sharif Bible: The Holy Bible in Modern Arabic Black Vinyl Hardcover

The Sharif Bible is the Holy Bible in modern Arabic, for Muslims!

The Sharif Bible is a dynamic translation of the Bible. It is not a cultural re-interpretation with a Muslim bias. Rather, it is a linguistic translation that makes a Muslim feel at home when he or she reads it. It speaks to them meaningfully and naturally. It provides biblical information ina a way that causes them to feel its relevance.

Meaning is given the priority over form. So in some cases, to help the reader to understand the meaning and to preserve the content of the message, the form is changed. Yet, the importance of form is not overlooked or treated lightly. Rather it is respected The writers of the Bible meant their message to be understood by their readers. Therefore, the Sharif Bible attempts to transfer the meaning and the dynamics of the original text into simple standard Arabic. The language can be best described as simple modern standard literary Arabic. This is meant to be understandable across the Arab world, so regional words and expressions are avioded.

This translation holds dearly to being as accurate and faithful to the original text as possible, natural (in language familiar to the reader), clear, and easy to understand.

Accuracy is a critical issue for the Sharif Bible. When we translate we do not have to please our audience, rather we transfer the matchless Word of God in a way that our audience understands it. The Sharif Bible is not an adaptation of the word of God to match Islamic thought or doctrine. It is an accurate translation of the original Hebrew and Greek texts into people's simple language.

This edition is the complete Bible, both Old & New Testaments.
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