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E1 Entertainment Dist The Winslow Story Book DVD

Winslow the Bear is a super storyteller. All of the residents of the forest love to gather around and listen to Winslow's latest heroic tale of mystery and adventure in the woods. In this story, Winslow enlists his furry friends - big and tiny - to go in search of the real meaning of Christmas. It's a big mystery that each of the animals intends to fully ferret out, since they've spotted humans every winter - selecting pine trees to take home and decorate - and they know about the packages all wrapped up in brightly-colored paper and ribbon. Obviously, those curious creatures (who walk on only two legs) must have a reason for making such a big deal out of this wintry time of the year, when snow covers the woods and forest folk are wise enough to stay in their cozy, warm dens, sound asleep! What is it about human that they insist on making such a big deal about Christmas? Join Winslow and his crew of hilarious buddies in this outdoor, all-animal quest to solve the mystery of the true meaning of the Christmas Holiday. Rated G. Approx. 120 minutes.

DVD features:
  • Theatrical trailers - previews of exciting family outdoor adventure movies

  • DVD-ROM features:
  • Coloring book illustrations - choose your favorite animal to print out over and over again
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